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Water Crash FX

Procedural Modeling For Film and Video Games

The Nature of Vex

Bites of Python

FXGURU – Pulverizing Character Effect

Houdini Engine to Unreal Engine Workflow

Shading with Redshift


The Artist's Guide to Technical Direction in Houdini: HScript

The Lamp Project Complete Bundle

Poly Modeling – The Lamp Project 1

UVs and Shading – The Lamp Project 2

Rendering and Compositing – The Lamp Project 3

Magical Fire FX for Film

Understanding Fluid Solvers – Volume 1

Understanding Fluid Solvers – Volume 2

Python Custom Project Manager

Pixelator Asset

Houdini Cyan Color Scheme


The Holy Grail in Houdini Tutorials
I am still fairly new to Houdini and had my share of tutorials (Lynda, Udemy, Pluralsight, CG Circuit, Youtube etc.). Then 2 weeks ago, I bought Varomix's "The Lamp" tutorial in 3-modules. At first it seemed a bit expensive, but going through the first module alone (modelling) shows it is worth every penny. Varomix has such an open, honest and calm way of showing you around Houdini, that it feels like he is sitting next to me and telling me what to do. I feel I am going 10 times faster through the learning curve than with most other let-me-show-how-to-model-this-or-that-instructions. I am really looking forward to the other modules now! And the best part, you can ask questions on the Discord Community to Varomix or a pool of Houdini enthusiasts from around the world. Could not do without it!
Piet Nelis
Best "Pipeline" tutorial I have ever taken.
I could not find a tutorial that would take me from Modeling to UV mapping to Textures (Substance Painter) to Rendering, let alone one that did it with Houdini as the central application - Until NOW! This is the course that finally explained the nitty gritty of the entire process. It explains what Procedural workflow Modeling is. It explains the dark art of UV mapping and how Houdini makes this mysterious process painless and easy to understand. It walks you through how to export your work from Houdini, bring it into Substance Painter and then back into Houdini for Rendering. Varomix's passion for the art form is contagious and encourages you to be fearless in the face of what can feel like overwhelming complexity. The best part is that Varomix is available and very responsive via email, forums or Discord when you need a question answered. Worth every penny! Believe me, I have tried them all!
Fred Maher

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