FXGURU – Pulverizing Character Effect by MIX Training

FXGURU – Pulverizing Character Effect

Fx Guru is a new course series were you’ll learn how to create Production Quality effects, based and/or inspired by blockbuster film effects.

4K 60 fps quality for crisp image on any device.

About the author

Topics you will learn

By the end of this training you will learn all these topics

  • How a professional FX Artist works on film effects.
  • How to deal with animated characters
  • Script your own tools the proper way to maximize your output.
  • How to mix any amount of shaders using attributes you have control over
  • Plan you effects before doing any CG
  • How to deal with large amounts of particles and not make a mess
  • and tons more


  • Houdini 17 (Apprentice, Indie or FX,  CORE doesn’t have FX) 
  • Redshift, only if you want to render with it
  • Basic knowledge of VEX
  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • Patience and practice, FX are not done in one day

What's included?

File Icon 25 files


FXGuru01 - 01 Overview and inspiration
FXGuru01 - 02 Planning the FX
FXGuru01 - 03 Getting the Character from Mixamo
FXGuru01 - 04 Preparing the Scene
FXGuru01 - 05 How to approach animated character FX
FXGuru01 - 06 Fracturing the character
FXGuru01 - 07 Simple attribute infection
FXGuru01 - 08 Advanced infection with triggers
FXGuru01 - 09 Transferring animation
FXGuru01 - 10 Emitting Geometry as Particles
FXGuru01 - 11 Controlling the sim with forces
FXGuru01 - 12 Creating the edge attribute
FXGuru01 - 13 a Caching the body simulation
FXGuru01 - 13 b Caching the body simulation (script)
FXGuru01 - 14 Adding volume particles layer
FXGuru01 - 15 Caching several variations
FXGuru01 - 16 Edge particles layer
FXGuru01 - 17 Adding materials and mixing
FXGuru01 - 18 Wedge loader script
FXGuru01 - 19 Fading particles by proximity
FXGuru01 - 20 Adding color variation
FXGuru01 - 21 Rendering with Mantra
FXGuru01 - 22 Rendering with Redshift
FXGuru01 - 23 Assignment
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