Houdini Engine to Unreal Engine Workflow by MIX Training

Houdini Engine to Unreal Engine Workflow

Make Procedural Assets to accelerate content creation for Unreal Engine Using Houdini the amazing procedural tools found in Houdini.
 Make Procedural Assets to accelerate content creation for Unreal Engine Using Houdini the amazing procedural tools found in Houdini, then prepare your assets to be used directly inside Unreal Engine 4 using the Houdini Engine 4, once you prepare your assets your level designers do not need to know anything about Houdini at all, they have all the control they need right inside Unreal and if they do need something else it can be added at anytime and keep enhancing it. Combining the power of Houdini plus the power of Unreal Engine is just a killer combo that will accelerate your asset creation pipeline and will open the doors to new possibilities for your games, VR experiences, Real-time movies, etc.

Duration: 5:19 Hours 

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4K 60 fps quality for crisp image on any device.

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Topics you will learn

  •  Create Assets for Unreal Engine
  • Houdini Shaders
  • Unreal Shaders
  •  Procedural uvs
  •  Houdini instances
  • Unreal Instances
  • Randomizing Instances
  • Texturing
  • Optimize Asset

What you will be learning in each chapter

Chapter 1: HDA introduction

Chapter 2: Basic fence

Chapter 3: Procedural UVs and textures

Chapter 4: Control curve, supports and noise

Chapter 5: Corner posts

Chapter 6: Prototyoe mode

Chapter 7: Supports and barbed wire

Chapter 8: Razor wire

Chapter 9: Collision and geo debugging

Chapter 10: Lamp instances

Chapter 11: Using unreal materials

Chapter 12: Support and corners packed instances

Chapter 13: Trash instances

Chapter 14: Cloth instances

Chapter 15: HDA parameters

Chapter 16: Final touches

What's included?

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00 - HEUE4 - Overview
01 - HEUE4 - HDA Introduction
02 - HEUE4 - HDA basic fence
03 - HEUE4 - Procedural UVs and Texture
04 - HEUE4 - Control curve supports and noise
05 - HEUE4 - Corner posts
06 - HEUE4 - Prototype mode
07 - HEUE4 - Supports and barbed wire
08 - HEUE4 - Razor wire
09 - HEUE4 - Collision geometry and debugging
10 - HEUE4 - Lamp instances
11 - HEUE4 - Using Unreal materials
12 - HEUE4 - Support and corner Packed instances
13 - HEUE4 - Trash instances
14 - HEUE4 - Cloth instances
15 - HEUE4 - HDA Parameters
16 - HEUE4 - Final touches
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