Rendering and Compositing – The Lamp Project 3 by MIX Training

Rendering and Compositing – The Lamp Project 3

Welcome to The Lamp Project
in this project we’ll take an idea from beginning to
end all inside Houdini.

4K 60 fps quality for crisp image on any device.

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In this third and final chapter for our Lamp Project, we’ll finish, shading the project for both Redshift Renderer and Mantra, we’ll create one smart shader that will help us make all the shaders really quick, as quick as just copying the shader node.

Then we’ll setup AOVs and do the composition to get our final image.

Everything you’ll search here will help you create final images from scratch, so you can go from idea to final, which is a great feature to have as an artist.

What's included?

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01 - CH3 01 Overview
115 MB
02 - CH3 Start Scene and Fixing UVs
03 - CH3 Export Textures
04 - CH3 Creating The Base Shader
05 - CH3 Glass Shader
06 - CH3 Wood Support Shader
07 - CH3 Metal Base Shader
08 - CH3 Rope Shader
09 - CH3 Jar Lid and Socket Shader
Estimating Focal Length
10 - CH3 PFTrack Estimating Focal Length
10.2 - CH3 fSpy Estimating Focal Length
Rendering & Compositing
11 - CH3 Rope Hairs
12 - CH3 Lighting the Scene
13 - CH3 AOVs Setup
14.01 - CH3 Rendering
14.02 - CH3 Mantra Shading, AOVs and Rendering
15 - CH3 Basic Compositing
16 - CH3 Shadow Compositing
17 - CH3 Light Interaction
18 - CH3 Final Touches
19 - CH3 Rendering your Composition