Tabttoo is a re-imagining of Houdini’s Tab Menu. Improve your workflow and be more efficient with this beauty.

What is Tabttoo?

A pluggin that is gonna change your life. If you are ready to take your work to the next level play this ------------------------------------------------------------->


  • Find nodes faster
  • Works on the viewport
  • You can launch system tools
  • Works in any context
  • Change the size of your icons
  • Get UI scale settings
  • Access to the history pane
  • Quick help pane
  • Vex quick help
  • Save anything to an alias 

Big Beautiful Icons :}

that's right! because bigger is better

You get a built in calculator ;)

because math is boring 

Create multiple nodes :o


This product does not include source code

What's new

What's new in v0.19.1
  • [FIX] Minor bugs and fixes 

What's new in v0.19
  • [FIX] Alternate rows can't be read in Houdini Pro Theme (white)
  • [FIX] COP Layer node wasn't available
  • [FIX] VOP Bias node is created
  • [FIX] Hide Gas Disturbance Node, is the same as Gas Disturb
  • [FIX] Attribute Paint and Paint Attributes can be created
  • [FIX] Time-Warm remaped to new Retime node
  • [FIX] Duplicate node in Solaris wasn't created

What's new in v0.18
  • Support for Houdini 18
  • Support for STAGE/Solaris Context
  • Support for the NEW RBD SOP nodes, auto connect triple connections
  • Support for the new Pyro SOP Nodes
  • [FIX] Corrected font in H18
  • [FIX] Bend node

What's new in v0.17
  • [FIX] Keyboard not working on OSX
  • [FIX] moving up and down in the results list, was moving 2 rows at a time
  • [FIX] Testing fix for getting Tool OpType
  • [FIX] Some nodes were created twice
  • Better code to check if the mouse is too close to the bottom of the monitor and move Tabttoo higher

What's new in v0.16
  • Tools on any namespace should work
  • Exposed custom key so you can create your own shortcut
  • Added font size settings for the Search and Results list
  • Tabttoo now repositions higher if your mouse is too close to screen bottom edge
  • [FIX] Ctrl+Space add to tool queue
  • [FIX] Blend tool works and connects any selected nodes
  • [FIX] PolyCap PolyDraw are back
  • [FIX] Update selected icon tool when navigating results list
  • [FIX] Safe to use on older versions that don't support TOPs context

What's new in v0.15
  • Fixed OSX issue with results list, you can now press down to select tools
  • Font sizes for Linux, OSX and Windows
  • Fixed Shift + Enter to invert Follow Flag
  • Fixed Follow flag, not saves correctly
  • Support for AeLib
  • Fixed Convex Hull tool

What's new in v0.14
  • Fixed a cursors issue in OSX
  • All heightfield nodes work
  • Skin node was missing
  • Added Cube to create box :)

What's new in v0.13
  • TOPS support
  • Support for Renderman 22.5
  • Unreal and Unity Material Nodes from Gamedev tools
  • Override follow flag by pressing SHIFT+Enter
  • Added relative path when creating Object Merge
  • fix POP Network issue after OPCustomize
  • Load presets at mouse position

What's included?

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