The Artist's Guide to Technical Direction in Houdini: HScript by MIX Training

The Artist's Guide to Technical Direction in Houdini: HScript

Houdini is a powerful Digital Content Creation tool which boasts a flexible, procedural, node-based paradigm.

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Topics you will learn

By the end of this training you will learn all these topics

  • Procedural workflows
  • The difference between HScript Commands and HScript Expressions
  • Anatomy of a function
  • The various types of variables
  • How to create and manipulate various data types
  • A variety of the most commonly used functions used in a production environment
  • How to self-learn functions
  • How to work with a for-each loop


  • While instructions are included in this series for installing Houdini, artists should make an attempt to follow the Getting Started tutorials available from Side Effects at a bare minimum
  • Artists at all levels should be able to benefit from this series, however the target audience particularly includes artists who may have practical experience using other DCC tools such as Maya / 3D Studio Max, etc but are new to Houdini and thus may already be familiar with basic concepts such as UV mapping.
  • Lessons should be relevant to all versions of Houdini
  • This course was recorded on Windows. There may be some subtle differences between how things such as the command line and environment variables work in other OS that Houdini runs.

What's included?

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Welcome/ Overview
0.00 - TD:HScript - Welcome To The Course
0.01 - TD:HScript - What is Proceduralism?
0.02 - TD:HScript - Getting Houdini
0.03 - TD:HScript - Houdini As A Data Management System
0.04 - TD:HScript - Simple Animation
0.05 - TD:HScript - Simple Spiral Staircase
0.06 - TD:HScript - What are "Attributes"?
0.07 - TD:HScript - What are Expressions?
0.08 - TD:HScript - Data Types and Variables
0.09 - TD:HScript - Environment Variables
0.10 - TD:HScript - Global Variables
0.11 - TD:HScript - Build a Timer
0.12 - TD:HScript - Standard and Local Variables
0.13 - TD:HScript - Custom Attributes, Variables, and Groups
0.14 - TD:HScript - Learning to Learn Scripting
0.15 - TD:HScript - Rounding, Trigonometry, Power and Range
0.16 - TD:HScript - Comparisons and Data Look-Up
0.17 - TD:HScript - Patterns, Paths, and Strings
0.18 - TD:HScript - Spiral Staircase Revisited
0.19 - TD:HScript - For-Each
0.20 - TD:HScript - Delete by $ID
0.21 - TD:HScript - Thanks for Watching